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Dental Health Vitamins

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Step into the world of Dental Protective Formula, a masterpiece supplement crafted with care by esteemed UK dental specialists and chemists.

Our unwavering dedication to your health has given rise to a revolutionary formula that will support your oral health needs. Whether you have had periodontal (gum) disease, are having braces or extensive dental treatment, DPF is for you. Its carefully formulated blend of probiotics, vitamins and anti-inflammatory ingredients means that you are sure to be doing everything you can to protect your all important smile.

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A cutting-edge probiotic infusion within DPF, meticulously designed to harness billions of friendly bacteria, scientifically proven to keep dental plaque in check, reducing the number of harmful bacteria building up on your teeth. Paired with a thoughtfully crafted blend of vital vitamins and minerals, our formula takes healing to a whole new level, reducing infection risks and ensuring gum health. It’s more than just a product; it’s your smile’s best friend.

DPF caters to a spectrum of needs:

Gum Health dental vitamins

Gum Health Heroes

If you are worried about your gum health, have a family history of gum disease or have been diagnosed with gum problems, DPF will proactively safeguard and elevate your gum health – tried, tested, and trusted by experts for its remarkable effectiveness

Orthodontic Oasis

Orthodontic Oasis

Experience worry-free orthodontic journeys, knowing that DPF is shielding your smile and reducing potential hiccups, letting your confidence shine

Extraction Emissaries

A Healing Hand

Breeze through post-extraction healing with DPF’s nurturing embrace, giving your body the support it needs. DFP is best taken for two weeks before and after dental extractions.

Post-Treatment TLC

Post-Treatment TLC

Whether you have had root canal treatments, crowns, veneers, or bonding, cherish your investment with DPF’s post-treatment care, relishing lasting oral well-being like never before.

Holistic Oral Haven

Holistic Oral Haven

Elevate your oral care regimen with DPF’s comprehensive approach, a true testament to all-around dental wellness.

At the core of DPF lies a commitment to safety and effectiveness, setting a new standard in quality.

DPF is the only formulation backed by UK dental specialists and chemists and proven to reduce harmful bacteria and assist you in improving and maintaining oral health.

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Join the ranks of those who demand more for their smiles.

Elevate your oral care journey with Dental Protective
Formula – where science meets your aspirations.


Dental Protective Formula is an adjunctive treatment to support and elevate results from good oral hygiene at
home and dental treatments from a professional. It is not a substitute for these treatments. If you have persistent
dental concerns, please see your dentist or dental professional.

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